some whats and whys

I'm a (mostly) vegetarian.

I enjoy the occasional farmers' market.

I'm familiar with the acronym GMO.

I don't buy eggs for less than $4/ dozen.

I’m going to preface this novice entrée into the blogging sphere in saying that I am by no means a food expert. In fact, I was your average food fright until recently. My appetite didn’t venture beyond the ordinary – pasta with red sauce, grilled chicken, sugary sweets of all forms, maybe a vegetable or two. Upon entering college, I figured it was finally time to liven up my proverbial dinner plate and there began a modest culinary edification. I became a vegetarian (though I still indulge in a hamburger here and there), bought some cookbooks and hushed previous preconceptions long enough to realize that I actually really enjoy most foods.

My palate has expanded alongside my community’s. Over the past few decades, Durham’s transformed from a dwindling tobacco powerhouse into a foodie haven boasting nearly 200 restaurants and a handful of culinary brand names. Bull City has the accolades to prove it – fondly dubbed the South’s Tastiest Town by Southern Living. With this project, I seek to explore the ingredients and people that have shaped the edible culture of Durham. I will visit with producers who are working to supply the community co-op and use their stories as means of exploring the intricacies of locally sourced food. I will read up on what it means to be a sustainable eater and tune into the ongoing debates concerning product labels, organics, GMOs, factory farms, pasteurized milk, the works. Check in every week for new photos and writings!

Let’s go take a bite out of Durham (ya’ll).


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