And That's a Wrap!

Lisa Satterwhite, my project adviser, and I in front of the display

Lisa Satterwhite, my project adviser, and I in front of the display

This afternoon, my vendor visits culminated in a gallery display at Fullsteam Brewery. After being referred there by a professor, I found Fullsteam to be a great space to hold an event catered to sustainable food and drink. The bar serves as a hangout for eclectic Durham locals. It offers an ever-changing array of craft beers to enjoy in a relaxed setting complete with weathered picnic tables and an impressive collection of board games.

As soon as I set up my images (about two framed prints per vendor) and accompanying writings, bar-goers started approaching my display with endless curiosity. Though out the day, I talked to strangers and close friends about my project and what I had come to learn in its process. I watched as couples shared the writings with each other, exchanging musings about Big Spoon's story and Firsthand's business model. I fielded questions about what mead actually tastes like and where to find a cup of Larry's joe. I was no longer a silent ambassador to the sustainable food scene -- I had a voice and, at least for an afternoon, I presented it with intensity.

As I packed up the display and made way for live music to emblazon the Fullsteam stage in sound, I started thinking about today as less of an end and more of a beginning. Over the course of this semester, I've uncovered a real love for multifaceted storytelling -- a love that I plan to carry with me into whatever future I embark on after graduation. Now that I know there are people interested in the stories I have to tell, I'm inspired to tell more.

Emma LoeweComment